International Health & Safety Week 2023

The Right Reflexes Of Us All, A Matter Of Safety

Veolia’s 9th International Health & Safety Week (from 18 to 22 September) has begun. An annual event aimed at galvanizing employees into action and raising further collective awareness of the importance of accident prevention, safeguarding EVERYONE’S health, and an overall effort to improve working conditions.

This year's theme: The Right Reflexes Of Us All, A Matter Of Safety, throws more light on how reflexes play a crucial role in our safety. They are our body's automatic responses to unexpected situations.

But how do we train our reflexes for safety?
STOP: Take a moment to pause when faced with potential risks.
OBSERVE: Look around, identify hazards, and gather information.
THINK: Reflect on the safest response, consider safety protocols, and act consciously. By adopting the right reflexes, we can prevent accidents and create safer environments for ourselves and our colleagues. Let's make safety our top priority.