Veolia & CH Group

Local Content Agreement

CH Group owns 30 % shares of Veolia Ghana through its subsidiary West African Surface Solutions. 

Veolia Ghana Ltd was founded in 2014 and in February 2019, 30% of its shares were acquired by West African Surface Solutions Ghana Limited (subsidiary of CH Group), a 100% Ghanaian company. Today, Veolia Ghana Ltd has 160 employees, 98% of them are Ghanaian.

CH Group is the entrepreneurial parent of several innovative companies in various industry sectors. The Group together with its subsidiaries, have more than 20 years cross sector experience in engaging strategically and delivering business success. CH Group incorporated in 2012, is the parent company of some of Ghana’s most successful brands.

The company operates in diverse industries: real estate, energy and petroleum, agriculture, telecommunications and business advisory services.through identifying and developing opportunities worldwide.

Over the years, the Group has grown tremendously, leading to the birth of Industry leaders such as GoldKey Properties, Blackwell Realty and Denton Property Managers (Real Estate); Tema Tank Farm (Petroleum); and Goldkey Telecoms. Others also within the Group are Base Energy Ltd, Redwood Ltd, Pinora Ltd and Portman Ltd.


Local Content Agreement ; Veolia Ghana & CH Group

Veolia Ghana Ltd is committed to promoting local content and has developed a specific methodology based upon 4 channels covering all the sides of a project:

Recruitment and training: Maximizing the local Human Resources by recruiting, training, and managing the career of local workforce;  Procurement: Maximizing sourcing of local input - raw materials, goods,services - in the production process by favoring locally produced goods and contracts with locally owned companies ; 

Transfer of technology: Ensuring the transfer of technology and the know-how development of local labor force by deploying an efficient and monitored training methodology;

Partnerships: Maximizing the impact on local communities by partnerships with educational institutions who will favor the transfer of knowledge.