International Health & Safety Week 2022

Today marks the start of Veolia’s 8th International Health & Safety Week (from 19 to 23 September). An annual event aimed at galvanizing employees into action and raising further collective awareness of the importance of accident prevention, safeguarding EVERYONE’S health, and an overall effort to improve working conditions.

Since 2019, the Veolia International Health and Safety Weeks have emphasized the need for behavioral changes to promote a safe and healthy workplace.

  • In 2019, the theme of the week was "Observing is caring". The objective was to adopt the right safety behaviors and to develop a caring attitude to prevent risks
  • In 2020, the "I see something you don't campaign aims to improve our perception of hazards
  • The 2021 International Health & Safety Week focused on fall hazard prevention and raised our awareness of unconscious errors we make when walking

This year's theme is "Safety is in our hands". It aims to prevent accidents to our hands and wrists, which account for 30% of all accidents at Veolia. Some of these injuries arise from unconscious errors, and specific workshops will be organized to prevent them.