Our Commitment to People

Six (6) Good Reasons to Work With Us #WeAreResourcers

Joining Us!

1. You use your skills to serve the environment

Joining Veolia, means committing to resourcing the world. To developing access to resources, and to protecting and renewing them. To acting sustainably for the planet. To acting together with our industrial and local authority customers. With them, we address the economic, environmental and social challenges facing us. And to do it, we work closely with them, taking their concerns and particularities into account.


2. You work in an international business

Present in 45 countries, Veolia cultivates the enthusiasm and expertise of its 171,000 employees across borders. From one continent to another, we share our ideas and our projects. Sharing is our strength – it increases the quality our achievements and the quality of exchanges between colleagues.

3. You build Veolia’s future

The future is you. Water, waste, energy: in all our businesses and all over the world, whatever your level of qualification, you contribute to the projects and innovations that will make tomorrow’s world.

4. You work in a healthy and safe environment

At Veolia, risk prevention is our priority in every one of our activities. The most demanding safety standards are our benchmarks. Every day we try to do better by training and informing our employees. Our expectation? Take care of our Ressourcers. Protect them. Consider their well-being. Help them change their behaviour. Make an impression on them!

5. You hold the keys to your career

Veolia’s most important responsibility? To reveal talent and allow it to develop! Working with us means being able to build your career throughout your working life. It means having the opportunity to work in different countries and discover new activities. It means developing your skills, training and being fulfilled at work. At your own pace and in line with our evolution.

6. You join a company that has major commitments

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is embodied in 9 sustainable development commitments. The quantified indicators and the ambitious goals set for these commitments guide the actions of our Resourcers. Together, let's act for the environment, for the territories and for the people who live there!

Our values

Joining Veolia means committing to resourcing the world, to developing access to resources, and to protecting and renewing them, to acting sustainably for the planet, to acting together with our industrial and local authority customers. And also, it means joining a work environment built on strong values; 


We are involved and accountable. We respect, recognize and develop our people.  Veolia intends to participate actively in building a society that is committed to sustainable development. As a key player in the field of environmental services, the Group assumes responsibility on a day-to-day basis for the public good, in particular by:  - Promoting the harmonious development of territories;  Improving the living conditions of populations affected by its activities and protecting the environment, its core business. Veolia is committed to encouraging professional skills development and improving workplace health and safety for individuals (preventing workplace accidents), along with the security of all employees and facilities managed by the Group.


At Veolia, whose activities serve collective and shared interests, this value applies to the relationships entered into with all stakeholders whose expectations the Group endeavors to meet. This value is particularly demonstrated by the development of solutions that make it possible to provide essential services for all, which the Group considers to be one of its societal responsibilities


This value guides the individual conduct of all Group employees and is expressed by compliance with the law and the Group’s internal rules and through the respect shown to others. The subject of legal compliance is an opportunity to reemphasize the importance of integrity and honesty at Veolia. These principles form the basis for the absolute prohibition of corruption in French law, as is the case in most foreign legal systems.


Veolia has placed research and innovation at the center of its strategy in order to develop durable solutions for its customers, the environment and society. Through innovation, the Group is able to seek ever-better efficiency and quality in its services.

Customer Focus

We uphold codes of transparency and ethics that allow us to build long-lasting and trusting relationships with our customers based on integrity, mutual respect and nondiscrimination. Veolia listens to its customers and meets their technical, economic, environmental and societal expectations by providing adapted and innovative solutions.

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